What is Fish Culture

"Fish Culture is where people own and look after a stock of fish." Fish Culture is becoming popular for food, employment and Income generation.

Following are the 3 major fish species which are Cultured in India ...

  1. Catla - it stays and feed on surface layer
  2. Rohu - is a mid water feeder, and
  3. Mrigal - is a bottom feeder
These are called Indian Major Carps and they grow fast and reach a large size and because they live in different layers of the pond and eat different things they do not fight for food or space so can be cultured together with ease.

    Because of their Feeding Habit
  • Catla: Surface Feeder - Food -> Zooplankton

  • Rohu: Column Feeder - Food -> Omnivorous

  • Mrigal: Bottom Feeder - Food -> Detritivorous

Fish is an inexpensive source of protein and to get good and quality production good water quality is very essential for survival and growth. Not only fishes but all living organisms have tolerable limits of water quality parameters in which they grow and perform optimally. Water quality management in fish ponds is a necessary step in fish farming or fish culture.

What is Biofloc Fish Farming System & It's Scope in India

Biofloc Fish Farming System is a new “blue revolution” in aquaculture alike RAS but it is not only an innovative but cost-effective technology that converts toxic or harmful material such as ammonia and Nitrite in useful or consumable single cell protein .. that can be consumed as food by fishes.

Biofloc Fish Farming System is based on minimum or zero water exchange and allows to stock fishes in high density. Biofloc system is considered as wastewater treatment too.

"Biofloc" is a heterogeneous aggregate of suspended particles and variety of microorganism such as bacteria, algae, fungi, invertebrates and detritus, etc. It is a protein-rich live feed formed as a result of conversion of unused feed and excreta into a natural food in a culture system on exposure to sunlight.

Benefits of Biofloc Fish Farming System:

  • Eco-friendly culture system.
  • Improves land and water use efficiency
  • Limited or zero water exchange
  • Higher productivity as it enhances survival rate, growth performance, and feed conversion.
  • Reduces water pollution
  • Cost-effective feed production.
  • Ref.

Biofloc Technology - A Tool for Water Quality Management

Water quality maintenance and monitoring is the essential practices in Biofloc Fish Farming System like
  1. Temperature
  2. Dissolved oxygen (DO)
  3. pH
  4. Salinity
  5. Solids [total suspended solids (TSS) and settling solids]
  6. Alkalinity, and
  7. Orthophosphate
  8. these Water Quality parameters should be continuously monitored. Ref.

Freshwater Biofloc Fish Farming Steps :

  1. Biofloc Tanks Setup
  2. Water preparation
  3. Food Management
  4. Fish Seed Management
  5. Water Parameter Control
  6. Diseases Management and
  7. Harvesting

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