Importance of Pearl Farming Training In India

Today we are going to cover a few points in the article such as “Importance of Pearl Farming Training In India

In the very article you will get basic but most important tips or information that can be used by newbies or whom those are going to step in Pearl farming business in India.

Pearl farming or pearls cultivation is not as easy as you have heard that if you start pearl farming than you will become reach soon …. But you must know it could be problematic if you are starting from the scratch. Despite of the fact that pearl culture has high market value and cultured pearls are sold at good amount in the market.

Where Do Pearls Come From

If we talked about Natural Pearls they are produced in sea shells and on the other hand freshwater pearls are cultured when artificial beads called nucleus are inserted through surgery and over time they turns into cultured pearls. Actually what happens when any foreign body or particle is inserted it starts making irritation to the oysters and oysters or mollusc start producing a thing layer around that particle which is called nacre and slowly it start taking the shape of that particle and in long run it turns into a cultured pearl.

Key Points OF Starting Pearl Farming

1- Pearl Farming long term investment of Money, Time and Hard work
2- Only Production of High Quality Pearls can get you profit
3- To get high quality high quality oysters are required collected through reliable source
4- Suitable environment and location is another and most important requirement
5- Good knowledge of surgery or grafting techniques

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8 thoughts on “Importance of Pearl Farming Training In India

  1. Sir

    i am Associate professor in zoology in PG Govt. College for girls, Sector-11, chandigarh

    i want to learn the technique of pearl culture so that i can popularize among my msc students so that they can opt this technique as hobby initially and profession later on

    sir how can you held me in imparting such a fantastic skill development technique

    waiting for your reply

    Dr. Bharti

    1. Sorry Dr. Bharti … due to a hectic schedule in last few couple of days .. we could not reply to your query. We would eve love to help you in every ways. As you know pearl farming is getting more popular day by day you and your student would really get something out of this.

      We provide Training on weekends … on Sat & Sundays, we have scheduled our Training Session on 14th and 15th in the same month. You are most welcome to come and join this fantastic technique.

      Please book your seat paying Rs. 500 in advance, you will need to pay balance amount Rs. 3,500/- at the time of Training. You can visit following URL for the same.

    2. sir
      My financial condition is poor so i want financial support by bank loan . Plz tel me about this process how i can do this .

      1. Hello ..

        Please call us or visit our Center, we can discuss further about what you are looking for. We can guide you and may be we could find something else to which can go with Pearls farming and you can get handsome amount after doing this.

    1. yes you can do pearl farming with small tank of the following dimension … it should be “20 x 20 x 10”. You can do it with more small tanks made up with faro-cements but in those you will need to put more efforts to manage them. For more details or info you can directly contact us using the given phone numbers.

    1. Yes in Drums you can start pearl farming but for long run or for huge production it is not suitable and recommended because in drum a few most important water parameters can not be controlled easily. and as far as the stocking capacity is concerned you can store 20-30 oysters in a drum.

      *Training fee is Rs. 4,000/- and we do not offer any buyback though we can help you finding buyers once your production is ready to sell.

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