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Take Special Care of Fish During Rainy Season – FWPF

Learn Why you need to take special care of your fish in rainy days

Rainy Season Pond Management Tips for Fish Farmers

1 – Water volume will naturally increase in rainy season so you will need to take care that after continuous rain fish will not come out due to overflow. Need to dig the pond before rainy season or get it repaired.

2 – overtime organic matter gets deposited on the bottom, silt reacts with the excess water and some time water parameter gets disturbed and it may led to mass mortality so remove the silt before rainy season.

3 – In rainy season fish comes to the surface of water for oxygen it happens due to lack of dissolved oxygen you will need to add fresh water or aerators for increasing oxygen supply.

4 – Need to monitor water condition on a regular basis as due to rain ph level falls and due to this surface water turn more acidic so need to manage proper drainage system.

5 – Stop feeding in rainy season as due to tempter change fish consume less feed and in rainy season algae blooms start appearing and it may lead to lack of dissolved oxygen.

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