Biofloc Fish Farming Rajasthan

Why Fish Farming In Rajasthan

Jaipur is becoming one of the well known place when it comes to get trained or doing fish farming through Biofloc Fish Farming system.

Biofloc system is one of the innovative fish farming system in which you can produce or stock fishes in high density.

Whereas in Traditional Fish farming system (Pond fish farming System) you can produce approx. 5 Ton in 1 acre of land on the other hand in intensive Biofloc Fish Farming System you can stock fish in high density and can get upto 500 kg of biomass from Every 10000 ltr Biofloc tank easily.

Fish farming is becoming another hot trade in Rajasthan as well as other states which are till date involved in Traditional farming. Farmers have been started searching a few other farming options which they can do along with the traditional farming so that they can use the available resources but can earn more as traditional farming is not much paying business now a days.

Rajasthan Govt. Is Planing To Open The Doors for Fish Farming In Rajasthan

Govt. of Rajasthan is Planing to start Biofloc Fish Farming Training in Rajasthn as it has potential and even small farmers can get good returns with small investment being at their native place using the available land and resources.

Farmers and anyone who wants to start Biofloc Fish Farming in Rajasthan will not face any issues related with availability of raw material which is required for successful fish culture.

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*** Update *** – Govt. / NFDB (National Fisheries Development Board) is offering Subsidy for Biofloc Fish Farming to help small farmers or anyone who wants to setup Biofloc Fish Farms.