Probiotic For BioFloc Fish Farming

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Everfresh Pro 500 GM – Aqua Probiotics, Multi Strain Probiotic 15b CFU/gm. for Shrimp, Fish Culture & Biofloc Technology.

Why you Should consider Buying Everfresh PRO Probiotic For Biofloc ?

1- Because this Multi Strain Probiotic contains all those mainly and mustly required Bacilllus Group’s Heterotrophic Bacteria which are responsible for effortless fish growth and improvement water quality.
2- Everfresh Pro Fastly controls Nitrogenous Wastes and all existing Organic matter and Synthesizes Bio Available Protein in Biofloc Systems.
3- Last but not lest it develop Floc (single cell protein) for Better Weight gains and because of this we can get good FCR too.


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