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Everfresh Pro 500 GM – Aqua Probiotics, Multi Strain Probiotic 15b CFU/gm. for Shrimp, Fish Culture & Biofloc Technology.

How a Best Probiotics For Aquaculture Helps?

Why are Probiotics important for fish?

These days Fish farmers are using new Method and approaches in Biofloc Fish Farming or Pond Fish Farming.

Earlier fish farmers were not much aware of Techniques or Innovations for maximize the growth, lowing the FCR and maintain aquaculture.

Now a days in aquaculture or fish farming a lot of innovative techniques are available and new or progressive fish farmers are openly adapting those innovative ideas for getting maximum benefits.

Should a Fish Farmer Use Probiotics in Aquaculture?

Why to Buy Everfresh PRO Probiotics For Biofloc ?

  • Probiotics helps in Fast Growth
  • IF we use a good Probiotics in Aquaculture (a good Multi Strain Probiotics that contains Heterotrophic Bacterias) helps for effortless fish growth and improvement water quality.
  • Probiotics for Biofloc like Everfresh Pro controls Nitrogenous Wastes and all existing Organic matter and Synthesizes Bio Available Protein in Biofloc Systems effectively and quickly.
  • Using any good multi strain Probiotics in Aquaculture helps in growing required Floc (a single cell protein formation) and reduces food cost by maintaining FCR (Food conversion ration) because for good growth and gaining good body mass a fish needs protein rich food and Floc is a good substitute of conventional food that is available for all the day in Biofloc Tank.
  • So there are some key point for using or adding Probiotics for Biofloc Tanks or using Probiotics in Aquaculture.

A good Probiotics might cost you bit high but it saves a lot of money for you providing healthy protein rich food in the form of Floc and it helps managing and maintaining toxic Ammonia or Nitrite that may lead to fish death if goes high or uncontrollable. So it is recommended to use along with other essential Fish Farming equipment and medicines.

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If you want to try any other probiotic you can go with Transpower Biofloc Probioctc.

We have tested this probiotic which is being used by a lot of fish farmers. who are doing Biofloc Fish Culture and have seen good results.

What to Check while Buying Probiotics for Fish Farming

If you are doing Biofloc Fish farming or Fish farming in earthen ponds through traditional Fish Farming method you always need a good probiotcs ensuring good growth for your fish.

A perfect Probiotc must contain at least 10 Billion CFU and both Autotrophic bacteria and Heterotrophic bacteria which are mainly responsible for controlling water parameter and seamless fish growth.

IF we use a good quality probiotics helps maintaining Ammonia which is considered a impactful aspect in fish farming and if it gets increased continuously in biofloc or earthen pond can be a cause of mass mortality.

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In nutshell How Probiotics help in Fish Farming?

1- In Reducing Feed cost, as Good Quality Probiotc helps in developing and maintaining good amount of Floc which is a good source of protein rich feed for fishes

2 – Helps in maintaining C:N ratio, the basic concept of Biofloc fish farming. Entire Biofloc fish farming is based on C:N ratio and if you are able to manage C:N ration on fish farming you can achieve good production.

3 – It improves the survival of fish in Biofloc and Pond culture

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