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Fish growth with Homemade Food

Fact: Can we get good growth with Homemade fish Food and maintain Water Quality in Biofloc ? Yes, We can. Check Full Video 🙂

We have done this video so that can explain How to Reduce feed cost in Biofloc Fish Farming system like we can do in Nature Pond.

We have stoked both Singi and Pangas seed in a single Biofloc Tank and using floating feed for both but experienced that pangas seed consume feed quickly and come top of the surface but most of the time singi seed did not come to take feed as pangas seed do.

So we decided to run a test and we started giving floating feed for pangas seeds and sinking feed for singi seed because most of the time they try to consume feed being in the bottom.

We all know that singi is kind of fish which like to stay in dark place or in muddy space. so slowly we started using check tray and using home made fish feed to feed them and we were happy to see that singi seed started consuming both 20-30% of floating and rest 70% of home made fish feed.

If any one of you want to give it a test you can do and see the difference. Growth is good for both pangas and singi seeds.

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